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In Tasmania I was struck by luscious trees and unusual rock formations.


During an artist residency here, I developed a strong sense of my art practice: working within nature, moving spontaneously with fabric and listening to the intelligence of the body while doing so...


About Emma Constantine

Since graduating from Loughborough University in 2013, Emma has exhibited locally in Leicestershire and internationally in Australia. Past artist residencies have provided fruitful opportunity to develop her practice. She currently lives in Leicestershire and is navigating being an artist-mother. 



When pregnant in 2022, I was fascinated by my evolving and changing body. Since I use my body in my work, I was naturally intrigued to move it and use it with the fabric I had been using in earlier work.


This process continued once my baby arrived and I became interested in expressing the intense connection I felt with her. We were still one body but existing as two separate humans.

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